Here are some quick things you can try before giving us a call:

  • Check the filters! A dirty air filter will prevent the proper air flow
  • Make sure your thermostat is set to cool and is on, it sounds simple but you would be surprised!
  • Check your outside condenser and clean it off if dirty.
  • Check your breakers

If none of these work, let us help.

Pricing Philosophy

We believe in fair and consistent pricing. Our goal is not to get our foot in your door so we can price gouge you later. It is our goal to get you the highest quality service for the best price.


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Discounts available for military and senior citizens. 



Common issues that require a service call:

  • Air conditioner is not doing anything when your thermostat is set for cooling.

  • Air conditioner is blowing warm air.

  • Hear a loud “BANG” sound when the outdoor air conditioner turns on.

  • Air conditioner is not cooling your home properly.

  • Outdoor air conditioner does not turn on when the thermostat is in cooling mode.

  • Indoor fan is continuously running while the thermostat is off and fan is in the auto position.

  • Indoor fan is running but no air is coming out of the vents.

  • Summer electric bill is so high that you have to take out a loan to pay it.

  • Heater won't come on.

  • Heater is blowing cold air.

  • Heater is not heating your home properly.

While the cause and fix of your heating and air conditioning issue can be complex our Service is simple.